Warm standby done right - with 9.5, it's finally possible

Доклад, 17 июля

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People has been setting up warm standby systems with streaming replication since version 9.0, and even longer with file-based log-shipping. However, there has been a few pitfalls that many people don't know about, while others have simply accepted the risks.<br /> <br /> PostgreSQL 9.5 brings a bunch of new features and subtle changes that make warm standby setups more robust than ever. In 9.5, the interaction between a WAL archive and failover has been revised. pg_rewind makes it possible to resynchronize an old master server after failover - even an unplanned one. Replication slots, already introduced in 9.4, make the behavior of a standby falling behind nicer.<br /> <br /> This presentation explains the changes, and why they were needed. Finally, I'm going to walk through setting up a simple, robust, two server hot standby system, using only built-in tools and simple shell scripts, taking advantage of the new features.