PG Day'15 Russia, results!

22 jul. 2015

Dear friends, PG Day'15 Russia has come to a close. We would like to thank everybody for participation, kind words and constructive criticism, which we'll definitely take into consideration in the future.

We have gathered more than 250 participants who came from tens of cities, from Vladivostok to San-Diego, and, together, made a conference with the best technical talks devoted to PostgreSQL ever in Russia.

Many of the speakers have noted a high level of expertise amongst the participants and the quality level of the questions asked. One of the most interesting trends of the conference: while the community of corporate PostgreSQL users and commercial database consumers enjoys the attention from the PosgreSQL community, web-developers are indignant with the lack thereof and even somewhat jealous of the "corporates".

Well, this is a challenge and yet another chance to show that PostgreSQL community is and will remain one of the most open and friendly in the world.

See you at PG Day'16 Russia!

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