PG Day'15 Russia

The second official russian conference devoted to problems of development and operations of PostgreSQL, the best open-sourced relational database in the world, will be held on July 15-17th, 2015 in St. Petersburg, at the PetroCongress center.

The program includes one day of tutorials and two days of talks. You can choose to attend whichever events that you like.

Price of attendance:

tutorials talks full package
from 1 jun 2015 5 000 rur 8 000 rur 10 000 rur

Key topics

  • PostgreSQL internals
  • Specifics of maintenance
  • High availability
  • Data migrations
  • Hacking & development of PostgreSQL

PG Master'14

In an anticipation of opening of the "early bird" registration for PG Day'15 Russia, we have organized a unique event called PG Master'14. Workshops will be held by Bruce Momjian, one of the key figures in the PostgreSQL community, Ilya Kosmodemyansky and Maxim Boguk from PostgreSQL-Consulting. The event will occur in the "unconference" format wherein the participants decide on the primary topics and discuss them during the seminar.

The event occurred on 28th of October at the office of 404 Group in St. Petersburg.


PostgreSQL-Consulting offers full professional PostgreSQL support service: support, consulting, achitecture, scaling, performance optimization, database support 24/7, training.

404 Group is a handful of companies united by a single strategic management centre and a proactive mentoring institute. Applying their technical and managerial expertise, the team behind 404 Group provides financial, operational and executive support during the establishment, launch and further growth of Internet-based projects.


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Event will be held at the "PetroCongress" center