Master-classes. Unconference
October, 28th St. Petersburg

PostgreSQL master-classes

  • Bruce Momjian One of the key

    Explaining the Postgres Query Optimizer

    The optimizer is the "brain" of the database, interpreting SQL queries and determining the fastest method of execution. This talk uses the explain command to show how the optimizer interprets queries and determines optimal execution. The talk will assist developers and administrators in understanding how Postgres optimally executes their queries and what steps they can take to understand and perhaps improve its behavior.

    What's new in PostgreSQL 9.4
    Explaining the PostgreSQL Query Optimizer

  • Ilya Kosmodemiansky DBA,

    Tuning PostgreSQL and the OS for high performance

    You have a job of installing PostgreSQL on a server and making sure that it handles a huge workload. How huge would it be exactly and how to measure it? Is there a way to predict if a margin of performance safety is available? During the master-class we will tell you about a couple of check-lists that come in handy when understanding the workload profile on the database and ways to tune it. What exactly should your monitoring measure? What sorts of hardware's attributes and settings cannot be forgotten? What kinds of options must be tuned in postgresql.conf and on the level of OS?

    Tuning PostgreSQL and the OS for high performance

  • Maxim Boguk DBA,

    How to optimize complicated SQL queries in PostgreSQL

    One of the main tasks of a database adminstrator is to monitor constantly how SQL queries perform. A query that worked quickly on a test server, is not guaranteed to perform as well in the production environment. Moreover, a query that was fast yesterday could become slow today if the conditions have changed (such as the amount of data, for instance). We will look at an array of typical and not-so-much examples of SQL queries that can and should be tuned. Analysis of these cases and their solutions aims to systematize the listeners' understanding of how the PostgreSQL query optimizer works.

    Как оптимизировать сложные SQL-запросы в PostgreSQL

The event occurred on 28th of October at the office of 404 Group in St. Petersburg.


In the anticipation of announcing a call for papers for PG Day'15 Russia, we have organized a unique event called PG Master'14. The key feature will be a master-class on PostgreSQL Query optimizer by Bruce Momjian, one of the key figures in the PostgreSQL community. Our colleagues Ilya Kosmodemyansky and Maxim Boguk from PostgreSQL-Consulting are going to share their vast experience in the are of full-scale performance optimization of the PostgreSQL database.

The preliminary schedule of master-classes:

  • 10:15: What's new in PostgreSQL 9.4, Bruce Momjian.
  • 11:00: Tuning PostgreSQL and the OS for high performance, Ilya Kosmodemiansky.
  • 12:30: Explaining the PostgreSQL Query Optimizer, Bruce Momjian.
  • 14:00: How to optimize complicated SQL queries in PostgreSQL, Maxim Boguk.

The second part of the event will proceed in the format of unconference, which had already proved itself in the previous meet-ups and conferences of the PostgreSQL community. The idea is that the attendees submit discussion proposals on any topic that they consider of interest. Taking your proposals in consideration, we organize a couple of forums "on the fly" where all participants may pitch in and discuss the problem that was presented by the community member.