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    Stefan Fercot

    9 июля, 10:00 MSK


    Unleash the Power within pgBackRest

    Have you already installed pgBackRest but are now wondering if you discovered all of its possibilities? This talk will start from a base installation of the tool and then deep dive into its richer features for more expert use.

    After a quick reminder of its basic functionalities, we'll go deeper with some less common operations: refresh a standby server, take backups from a standby, and setup asynchronous archiving. By doing so, we'll also have a look at the current implementation of the multi-repositories support feature introduced in the latest pgBackRest release.

    You may already be familiar with the diagnostic and troubleshooting features of pgBackRest: `info` or other internal commands, and its logs. These are very useful to check the state of your backups, but are you sure the existing backups match the retention policy? Are you sure you have all the WAL archives you need to restore?

    We'll finally discover `check_pgbackrest`: a (Nagios-compatible) monitoring tool to help you watch your backups and archives.

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