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    F.A.Q. for speakers

    Hello, dear colleagues!

    We have prepared a small memo to refer to on various subjects.

    Where the event will occur?

    The conference is going to take place at the Crowne Plaza St. Petersburg Airport hotel located by the address Startovaya st., 6, letter A (Russian version: Стартовая ул., 6, лит. А).

    How do I get to the hotel from the Pulkovo airport?

    The hotel is situated 5 minutes away from the Pulkovo airport. The easiest and fastest way to get there is to grab a taxi. Please, avoid private drivers who offer their services in the airport lobby. Find an official taxi booth or call Uber.

    You can also use a free shuttle bus. A detailed schedule of the bus could be located at this address: http://cpairport.ru/files/Shuttle_Bus_Schedule_2017_apr.pdf.

    How do I get to the hotel from the Moskovskaya metro station?

    If you are traveling from the center of the city, there will be a free shuttle bus available at the Moskovskaya metro station. The schedule is available at http://cpairport.ru/files/shuttle-bus-schedule-to-moskovskaya-metro-station-2016-may.pdf

    Alternatively, you can use various taxi services such as Uber or Wheely (apps for smartphones are available at the application stores).

    Hotel check-in & check-out

    Check-in is available at any time from 14:00, check-out — before 12:00.

    Registration to the conference

    Registration begins at 09:00 on the second floor of the hotel in the conference area (turn right from the main entrance and go up the stairs). There will be pointers to guide you.

    Registration to the tutorial day

    If you want to participate in one of our tutorials, you can register at 09:00 on 5th of July.

    Preparation for a talk

    So that we could be ready in advance, please, send us the slide before the conference begins! If you would like to present from your own laptop, let us know in advance as well, with all the necessary details (laptop brand and model, required connectors and various other equipment). Preparation of a speaker for the talk begins during the break. Please, arrive to the designated room at the beginning of the break that precedes your presentation. The room numbers are listed in the schedule.


    The afterparty will be held inside the conference hotel! It begins at 19:30 on 6th of July!


    You can use our Slack chat http://slackin.pgday.ru/ for any questions that you might have before and during the conference. We will send you the invite shortly.

    If you have any further questions, please let us know.

    Buy tutorial:

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