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    Andrey Nikolaenko

    7 July


    DBMS benchmarks in a nutshell

    In this talk we present a review of most demanded RDBMS performance benchmarks in a historical retrospective, with a focus on the circumstances, taking in account modern typical workloads and new DBMS types

    It would seem that there was a full clarity with DBMS benchmarks yet 15—20 years ago: generally recognized Transaction Processing Performance Council had approved a series of benchmarks for some types of workload, reliable and validated results of those benchmarks were published at tpc.org. However, the world has changed: new results of TPC test publishes rarely, come into sight a new constellation of behchmarks, adopted to new workloads and new generations of DBMSs.

    The main objective of this talk is a compressed, but comprehensive (as it possible) overview of all potentially interesting RDMBS benchmarks, as also of tools to run those. A special issue will be dedicated to atomization of synthetic metrics observed in the world of database machines, which passports includes SQL IOPS and SQL Bandwidth instead of expected transactions per minute and queries per hour.

    Databases and computer science


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