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    What will you find at the conference?

    advices from specialists
    hand knowledge
    from PostgreSQL
    opportunity to expand network of personal contacts
    new ideasfor creating innovative projects and start ups
    understandingof current trends
    tutorialsto improve skills and competence in handling PostgreSQL

    Key Topics

    Extending functionality
    of PostgreSQL
    Application of PostgreSQL
    in large industrial
    Scaling PostgreSQL
    PostgreSQL internals
    Tuning and performance
    optimisation of
    Migrating to
      PostgreSQL from
       Oracle, MySQL,
        MSSQL, DB2
    interesting cases
    Use-cases for
    of PostgreSQL in
    high volume systems
    PostgreSQL and education in database administration


    What do we do?

    32 speakers

    29 talks


    Park Inn by Radisson Pribaltyiskaya
    St. Petersburg
    Lunch and coffee breaks are
    provided for the attendees
    Lunch at the hotel restaurant in the afternoon
       Lunch and coffee breaks are included
              in the conference price


    Want your company
    to pay for your attendance?
    Talk to your boss
    and send him
    a related letter!
    Need an individual
    quote for
    corporate teams?

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    If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please feel free
    to contact us using the information below

    Mariyana Luchuk,
    conference leader +7 (921) 592–50–03 info@pgday.ru
    Levashovsky avenue 13 lit. Z
    Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 197110

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